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Writing to Santa

Challenge Day 13:

There are very few people i would expect that never did this holiday activity at least once in their lives, but why not make it an enjoyable activity to do with your family. Sit down with the little ones and with what ever paper, pens, pencils, markers or crayons they have write a letter to Santa with their wishes documented inside. Even if they are never mailed out, the act in and of itself will stick with them for many years to come. I am excited to do this activity with my daughter since you never really know what is going to come out of her brain on any given day, but it is sure to be entertaining at the very least.

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Story Prompt #4

You have the fortune/misfortune to have your favorite Christmas story play out in your current life. How would you handle the story and with your family and friends taking up the other character’s places, how would the story play out in your world?

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Gratitude Notes

Challenge Day 11:

⁠Gratitude Notes, not as in depth or expressive as a gratitude letter, but can be as impactful to the recipients. Write a note for someone on a card or other Christmas stationary and spread some cheer this season. Think of those people that help you all year long, Teachers, CoWorkers, and all of the other people that have impact on your life. Share your appreciation for what they do and let them know the impact they have.

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Christmas Light Displays

Challenge Day 10:

Christmas lights displays are becoming such a common thing these days and with the creativity that it you can only claim as art. There are shows on TV to compare people’s over the top light creations and towns all across the country have some similar drive through display activity as well. I remember when much younger we drove over an hour to get to such a display because of the novelty of that type of activity, now it is common enough not to be an inconvenience.

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That Wonderful Christmas Music

Challenge Day 7:

It is almost difficult to get away from all the celebratory cheer that streams from every radio and shop that you would visit preparing for your own Christmas Celebrations. This year will definitely be quieter unless you are streaming your own playlists or radio stations in your home. I have found that every season there is a new song or rendition that is played that just captures your attention and gets you into the festive mood. For me that is “Little Drummer Boy” by for King & Country, see the music video attached below.

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Exploring Christmas Past

Challenge Day 6:

Scents of Pine boughs, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, these sensory ghosts tease you nose as you walk down these elegant halls. The calmness of playing hide and seek through endless rooms and having a meal in the grand dining hall are just some of the images invoked when I visit the Biltmore Estate at Christmas.

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Story Prompt #2

⁠Holiday Story Prompt:⁠

As Christmas gets closer it gets many people into a certain holiday mindset for good or ill. For many people it is not all a happy time of gifts and candy canes. Put yourself into the shoes of someone less fortunate and share your story of a small act of kindness that helped you through the holiday seasons.

Artistry and Coffee
Challenge Day 3

Christmas Cards

Challenge Day 3:

This should be an easy one, except when you do something more than the generic stack that you buy at your local Target or Wal-Mart. When you decide to do something a bit more personal, it can take some time and effort to get it right.

For my family this year we are doing our own once again and we are very late, we are taking some photos as is most common and then laying some wonderful designs along with it before getting them printed locally and shipped out.

Off to the design boards!!!