That Wonderful Christmas Music

That Wonderful Christmas Music

Challenge Day 7:

It is almost difficult to get away from all the celebratory cheer that streams from every radio and shop that you would visit preparing for your own Christmas Celebrations. This year will definitely be quieter unless you are streaming your own playlists or radio stations in your home. I have found that every season there is a new song or rendition that is played that just captures your attention and gets you into the festive mood. For me that is “Little Drummer Boy” by for King & Country, see the music video attached below.

Music Video: Little Drummer Boy – for King & Country

Since my wife shared that song, I have listened to it and watched the music video more than i really care to recount, but it had a way of sinking into my skin and bringing out the holiday excitement that has since continued to grow.

What are your favorite Holiday classics, new music or other festive tunes that you would want to share? Feel free to comment below…

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