• NaNoWriMo 2023 Kickoff
    The beginning has come, time to write and write and write some more! This year, I have made some goals to ensure that I am staying on track and on target.
  • Preptober 2023 Final Report
    The leaves have started to change color and fall. They pile upon the ground as the words flow out of my mind and into the twisting avenues of my story world.
  • Preptober 2023 Progress Week 2-4
    As we draw near to the end of Preptober activities, I am left with the question, Am I Ready for this? Let’s journey together as we prepare for NaNoWriMo!
  • Preptober 2023 Progress Week 1
    Preptober Week 1 Progress Update
  • Exploring Local Caves/Caverns
    Have you ever experienced total darkness? Delved into the deep places of the earth to see what natural wonders exist?
  • The Adventure Series
    These adventures are geared towards sparking interest and love for the natural world and seeking out knowledge and experiences that can’t be found digitally.
  • 2023 New Years Goals in Creativity
    Goals are now set, we are getting ready to kick this year off in style and it is time to start working towards those first set of milestone targets.
  • 2022, A Year in Review
    Each and every year, I sit down to do a final review of what happened and determine how I want to improve in the year to come.
  • National Novel Writing Month Kickoff
    30 days …. What could you possibly do in thirty days? Quite a lot, it would seem. We have a goal of at least 50,000 words, which is about 1,667 words a day.
  • Preptober: Week 4 – The Resolve
    Coming to the close of Preptober, you have high-level details of your story, sketches of your characters, their development path, and outline of the storyline.
  • Preptober: Week 3 – The Realization
    Wrapping up and the realization of the extent of the task in front of you is starting to set in. You may be thinking about how much you need to do.
  • Preptober: Week 2 – The Awakening
    This week was all about setting up your game plan and getting the bare-bones in place so that you can continue to expand on the different aspects of the story.
  • Preptober : Week 1 – The Excitement
    Closing out Preptober Week 1 and we are already seeing positive traction in moving our story from concept closer to reality. The excitement is intense!
  • Rock and Gemstone Hunting
    Searching for signs of gemstone presence was more difficult than I had expected. As a first foray into Rock Hounding, i would consider it a success.
  • Life and All of its surprises
    Getting back into the groove of posting content after having our second child, here are a few items that have kept us busy so far…
  • Halloween Project – Cauldrons
    Every year around this time, you see people being creative in the type of decorations that they employ to generate the atmosphere for the Halloween traditions.
  • Immersive Van Gogh Art Exhibit
    Pain is easy to portray, but to use your passion and pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and magnificence of our world, no one had ever done it before.
  • Story Prompt #16
    Cursed to experience the “perfect” day, you find that you have to repeat each day until it is. After completing several weeks of this, you realize that the… Read more: Story Prompt #16
  • Story Prompt #15
    You have lived long enough to see the old proverb “history repeats itself” come true, except this time you are on the opposite side than you were in… Read more: Story Prompt #15
  • Story Prompt #14
    You have just finished writing your latest chapter the night before, while listening to your child’s latest adventure with their imaginary friend, you have the sudden realization that… Read more: Story Prompt #14
  • Story Prompt #13
    You have just finished writing another novel when one of your fictional characters approach you in a coffee shop and asks you why you put them through all… Read more: Story Prompt #13
  • Creating My Writing Life
    What would you imagine a writer’s life to be like, someone that is endlessly toiling away at a typewriter for those older or hipster enough to imagine?
  • Story Prompt #12
    You spent years training and building your own personal memory palace. You know where everything is organized and places in your mind. One day while wandering around you come into a new section where you find memories and information that you don’t recognize. You start to suspect that there is someone squatting and storing their stuff in your mind.
  • Story Prompt #11
    You hear a ringing in your ear, in the past it has come and gone. This time is different, it is getting louder and more persistent. After consulting a doctor, they reassure you that everything is normal and that it is almost time for you to wake up…