Creating Digital Snowflakes

Creating Digital Snowflakes

I read many kids books with my daughter each night before she goes to sleep that I cant help but think that in some of the ones she likes best that there are some really great illustrations. One of her recent favorites is “The Little Snowflake” from IglooBooks, and with snow on the way I have become entranced with the designs within this tiny book. I have considered adapting the general theme of the book into some small videos for my daughter to enjoy, but before we get to that point, I am looking into possible character concepts which in this case are “snowflakes”.

Baseline Concept

Step 1 in this process for myself is a bit of simple mimicry, trying to get familiar with the illustration designs and generate some initial constructs that resemble the book, but not quite an exact match.

Snowflake illustration concept
Snowflake Concept

Now that I have a reasonable base concept that she will recognize, it is time to consider some additional designs that will add characters to potential stories that we can create. It is great to add several options, in this case we will be trying to complete at least 4 solid options that we will be able to leverage in potential stories in the future as well.

More Sketches

To really round out these character sketches, I will be creating expression templates and working on some color and shading adjustments as we get more refined versions of the characters closer to the end product. I am hoping to help tease out the character traits of each as we work through this process since it will add to the depth of the stories we will be creating.

Now that we have several sketched options available to us, we can start working on the next steps where we will be creating more refined artifacts to leverage in the short videos, determining some general use story board options, working on the character animations and backgrounds, and generally playing around with some digital creative fun. Sounds a bit like a project, hmm…

Find out more as we expand the details in our Snowflakes Project!

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