2021 New Year’s Goals

2021 New Year’s Goals

I know that there is this stigma about setting new years goals around anything these days, however I feel it is the only logical place to set the plan for the upcoming year. This will be published shortly after the work has already begun on this commitment so know that by the time you are reading this I am already taking the first steps down the path.

I admit that it has been a real struggle establishing a writing routine the last few years that I have tried, and after the recent experience of getting content out every day for nearly a month (see the Advent Challenge Posts), I not only know I am capable, but have found how much I enjoy the process as well. Taking that into the thread of my already crazy schedule with other work activities I am outlining my plan and strategy for making this a reality in 2021.

First step is always to outline your goals:

  1. I will be publishing a new blog post every week for the year, that is 52 full length posts, not including smaller posts like story prompts and simpler items.
  2. I will be posting at minimum three times a week to Instagram, that is a total of 156 posts for the year minimum.
  3. I will prepare and participate in NanoWrimo this November
  4. I will be working on a Video Series and will have at least six videos posted by the end of the Year. (I fully expect this to be more, but trying to set realistic expectations here.)

In addition to the stated goals above, I will be continuing to engage in other forms of social media and will be striving to share more details about our discoveries and knowledge gained throughout the year. I am also dedicated to getting some additional Narratives posted to the site for you all to enjoy, so stay tuned!

Second step is measuring progress:

I will be doing a countdown and sharing with everyone how closely I am able to deliver against these goals. Keeping in mind that this is all about holding myself personally accountable for providing consistent quality content and building my personal writing life.

Also as it has become almost second nature, I will be keeping track of all of this detail leveraging my personal productivity model that has been shaped by both the GTD Methodology and Bullet Journaling. I will plan a post to share more details about my approach and how I apply it to my writing practice and manage all of the other aspects of my life.

I will wait till the end of year before considering the last step, which is always about celebrating your successes and reflecting on how to improve for the next year.

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